Sunday, April 24, 2011

A productive Easter Sunday!!

Well, yesterday I turned the BIG 5-0!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I had a great day and we had dinner with friends last night!!

When we moved back to Nashville two years ago, DH and I were browsing through a garage sale and he spied a rather large box of sewing notions. The guy selling the stuff went into the house and literally filled this box which was about two feet high by two feet wide. I purchased this box o'goodies for the amazing low price of two dollars. It was a couple of days before I could go through my treasures. My treasures include grommet setters in various sizes, gobs of trims, buttons, pins,zippers, and thread. The elastic wasn't any good, but I loved looking at the packaging with prices from $0.15 to $0.65!!! Oh, how I wish those prices were still in effect today!!

I began working on a pencil skirt from some fabric I procured from my mom's stash. (Well, she wasn't using it......) I drafted the pattern from a skirt I bought at Goodwill last spring. I used a metal zipper from my treasure trove and thread on a wooden spool. (yep, the thread is in amazing shape!)

I have fallen in love with handpicked zippers. I read about how to do them on the internet. Although I am not a fan of hand sewing, my stitches are starting to look much better. I find that I am taking more time to give my garments a finished look. I used to take the  'get the damn the done' approach to my sewing. Now that I am sewing for the pure enjoyment of the task, I am relearning techniques. I love having the 'library' at my fingertips!

I have not had much experience with drafting patterns, so I am surfing the web doing research on how to create my own patterns. My inner fashion designer comes alive when daydreaming of projects to create.

Since this post has taken me all day to write, I have also managed to finish my skirt AND the refashion of my blouse. Pics to follow!!

Happy Sunday!!!

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  1. i am for sure one of those "get this thing done and on my body as soon as possible" person LOL Can't wait to see your photos of your finished treasures.