Monday, June 6, 2011

MMJ days 5 and 6

Yesterday, we decided to be extremely lazy. We have worked everyday since coming home from the long weekend. I didn't even get dressed!! I lounged in a robe I had made all day....slept most of the day away, fixed dinner, then  went off to bed to sleep some more. Apparently, I was in need of some shut eye!!

This is a photo of the robe. I was not in the mood to take a pic, because I was being lazy and sleeping WAY too much!!!

Today was another work day, like the majority of the planet and I wore a pair of khaki capris with a multi colored shirt I refashioned to make it fit better. The shirt was 25 cents and the khakis were also thrifted  at $4.29. I also wore my trusty brown flip flops that are so old I can't even begin to remember what they cost!! Boy, are they comfy!!
Now it's off to the sewing machine to create something new!!!

Happy Homemaking!!!


  1. Thanks, Sue! It's so comfy! I made it from an 80's jacket sans the shoulder pads.