Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MMJ days 7 and 8

More pics today!! I am finally getting the hang of snapping a pic before I run out the door for work or right after I get home. In case no one noticed, I tend to wear the same kind of hairstyle .......because I'm lazy....because I'm usually in a hurry to get out the door.
I learned how to do a french twist and it works very well with my hair. It's quick, simple, looks kinda cool, if I do say so myself. Pony tails can give me a headache and because my part time gig is in a small convenience store, it keeps my hair out of my face!!!!!!The funny thing is, is that I can french braid anybody else's except my own, which sucks because I love how it looks. C'est la vie!!!
Yesterday, I wore the linen skirt I had described a few days ago. The skirt is a broomstick skirt made from turquoise eyelet that I purchased from Wal Mart 2 years ago. It's a three tiered skirt and the really GREAT thing about this skirt is the wrinkles NEVER wash out. Makes drying it a whole lot easier, and who doesn't love easy!!! The skirt is a maxi skirt and it hits right at my ankles, (Sorry for the bad photo)

The earrings and bracelet were also made by yours truly. I am learning a few new techniques in jewelry making, but these pieces are very ones. (Love the black and iridescent teal in the beads.)

This is the dress I wore today.The top half are pieces from Mom's stash and the skirt part of the dress was a UFO of hers, that I  acquired, kleptoed, stole, was gifted (yeah, that's it)  from her almost done pile to use for this dress. There really isn't a pattern for the dress as I took some pieces from different patterns and altered them to get what I wanted. (I do that a great deal) I'm not great at drafting original patterns, but I can take a pattern piece and use it as a basic guide)

The zipper was in a box of treasures I purchased from a yard sale 2 years ago.It's metal and I did a handpicked zipper. I love the way it turned out!!! It was so easy!!
The wrinkles in the back are not usually there, pretty sure it's the way I'm standing. The fascinator was also made by moi!! So many ideas, so little time to accomplish them!!

Here is the closeup of the necklace I made to wear with the dress. black wooden beads, silver in between and the center piece looks like a clock face. Fun and moi!!!

Tonight on the dinner menu is homemade fish tacos, with homemade chips and pico de gallo....I'm hungry already!!

Till we meet again.........happy homemaking!!!!


  1. Great looking outfits and jewelry! I really love the clock pendant necklace.